Who is AppraiseNevada.com?

We are a small, Nevada-based Internet firm dedicated to becoming an essential tool for the real estate industry, especially useful to those businesses and consumers who seek services of either a commercial or residential real property appraiser located in Nevada.

We take pride in providing referrals of high-quality appraisers to our customers.  Each appraiser listed on this site was verified to be fully licensed in Nevada when they were added to the site.  Appraise Nevada.com strives to provide you with the very best appraisers available in local, specialized Nevada markets.

We are the only site that specializes in Nevada appraisers, a relatively small group of individuals and companies.  We are not attempting to provide information on thousands of appraisers in hundreds of Counties, States and Cities throughout the United States.  We are also not an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that takes a fee for making referrals.  That's why we provide information on the appraisers, and you are not forced to contact us instead of contacting them.

We would appreciate it if you would visit our other Internet site located at http://www.nevada-commercial.com the site provides commercial real estate resources for investors. The site is meant for brokers, appraisers, financial institutions and insurance companies throughout the United States.

This site is dedicated to those who appraise real property in Nevada.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at grigdon@cox.net.  Our recent Ezine articles are provided for you below:




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